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How to make a bass boat

RTE is happy to announce that the second edition of our Bass Boat Guide has been released.

This second edition covers everything you need to know to build a bass, including everything you can buy in the market now.

The first edition covered building a bass and had everything you could buy for less than £5, but that’s not the case with this edition.

In fact, this edition has everything you’ll need for a fully custom-built bass boat, including a full build guide.

The bass boat builder will have a whole new set of instructions, including an extensive listing of tools, materials and techniques.

We also have a number of new photos and videos to help you get started.

The new Bass Boat guide is also available in an English version, and we hope to expand that into a German and French version.

In addition, we’ve also created a new, easy-to-use online bass boat building guide to give you everything you’re looking for.

As always, you can find all the latest news at our blog, or you can check out our new bass boat video series which features our best ever videos.

Bass boat builder: Davey Stirling This article was originally published in March 2015 and is reprinted here with permission.