Online Store FAQS How Honda Talon came to be part of the US Touring Car Championship

How Honda Talon came to be part of the US Touring Car Championship

Here’s what you need to know about Honda’s Talon, the US Open Cup team’s car.1.

How did Honda come to be a part of US Tourist Car Championship?

When Honda’s first foray into the USTourist Car Series was announced, the company was already well established in the US.

In 2012, Honda was the only manufacturer to race in the Nationwide Series.

That year, the team had already won the US National TouringCar Championship, which was run by the National Auto Club (NAC).

The NAC team had been formed in 2014 to fill the void left by the departure of the venerable Continental Tire Series and was already looking for a new sponsor.

Honda was one of the first to commit to the NAC, and its sponsorship in the event of the Nac’s demise was a major boost for the NACC’s fortunes.

Honda had already been in the sport since 1992, when it made its debut in the American National Tourist Championship.

The team had won the championship four times in a row and had won at least five races in a season four times since 1992.

In 2015, the NACA stepped in to help the team re-sign its drivers, with the team’s first race being the US Nationals in March.

The NAC was a step up from the Continental Tire series, and it was the first time that the USTA had officially entered the Touring car series.

In addition to the teams sponsorship, Honda also agreed to a three-year contract with the NCA.

The team had a strong base in the United States, and the NCC’s drivers, Ryan Pletcher and Zachary Rinaldo, had won races there in 2016 and 2017.

With a stable of drivers, Honda felt it could compete on a level playing field with the Continental Tires Series.

The NCA had been run by several top-level teams in the past, but Honda had a clear path to the championship.

Its first race in 2018 was the UST500, a race in which the team ran a brand new car, a modified Honda Talons.

Honda’s driver, Matt Whelan, won the race and finished second overall.

The victory propelled the team to the US Cup, which the NCCC ran for the next three seasons.

After the NTC series ended in 2018, Honda made a series of strategic decisions, including the signing of its driver of the year, and making the decision to buy its team in 2019.

The move made sense to Honda, which had been a consistent contender in the series since it began in 2006.3.

Who is Honda’s team now?

The team’s drivers now have a sponsor, Honda Performance, and they also have their own team.

Hondas team, Honda Talony, has a long history of success in the Tour de France, the Tour of Italy, and, more recently, the USATour.

In 2018, the Honda Taloni team won its first race of the season and became the first team to win a race on its own home soil.

The Talon team had only been in action for about two years at this point, and after the NRC season ended in 2019, the Talon driver line-up had been reduced to just five.

However, the future looked bright for the team with the signing and eventual signing of a new sponsorship.

The new sponsorship included a partnership with UST, a sponsor that was a big part of Honda’s US Tour Series success in 2018.

This partnership allowed Honda to compete in the NTR and also provided some of its drivers with a strong supporting structure.

In 2018, it was a good year for Honda.

It also proved to be one of its biggest disappointments.

In terms of wins, Honda had just four in 2018 and the team only won three races.

However the team made its return to the Tour in 2019 by winning a number of races and advancing to the second round of the Tour.

Holland finished fourth overall in the 2019 US Tour, but was unable to progress past the round of 16 in the USA.

That would be the team finishing fifth overall in 2020.

The next two years were not so successful for Honda, and in 2021, Honda Racing sold its interest in the team.

In 2019, Honda won just one race in its first full season in the Series, but this time around, the club did not make a full recovery from the NRT’s problems.

This was the end of the road for Honda’s NTC Series in the mid-2020s, and Honda decided to make a change.

In 2020, the next NTC season, Honda announced the creation of the new Honda Talonic team, which would field five drivers in 2019 and a new driver line up in 2020 and 2021.

The name Talon refers to a group of six, each of whom are given a unique, individual number and are given their own car for their debut.

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