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Why do we need a refrigerator?

An international study has found that the amount of ice we put in our homes is one of the major reasons why we get colds and flu.

“We all know that it’s bad to have too much ice in your home,” said Dr. Michael D. Mather, a professor of geriatrics at Vanderbilt University and lead author of the study published in the journal Lancet.

“So the main goal is to reduce that and to make it easier to manage the risk of getting a cold.”

The study examined the effect of different kinds of ice, including glass, ceramic, plastic, concrete and steel.

Glass and ceramic ice is one that is easily melted, so it’s easier to make.

Carbonated ice is harder to melt, but the added acid makes it more dangerous.

Steel ice is much harder to break down, and the added weight makes it less stable.

Plastic ice is softer and easier to melt and break down.

All three types of ice have their downsides, Mather said.

There are different levels of ice that you can put in your refrigerator.

If you want to keep things cold, you can leave a little bit of ice in there.

If that ice is getting to the point where you’re starting to have a problem with your body, you could consider a carbonated ice.

If you want a more stable environment, you should consider plastic.

But Mather cautions that it will take time to understand the effect ice has on the body.

He says that a more detailed study of ice use is needed to find out if there is a correlation between how much ice you put in and the number of colds you get.