Online Store REFUND Trump’s ‘Apple Watch’ accessory is a fake

Trump’s ‘Apple Watch’ accessory is a fake

Breitbart News has learned that Donald Trump’s Apple Watch accessory is an elaborate scam.

Trump’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are on sale for $549, and Apple has reportedly raised the price to $799.

The “iPhone 6 Plus” is now listed for $649.

The watch also has an accessory called the “iPhone XS” and a “iPhone 7 Plus” which costs $849.

Trump has reportedly said he wants a $100 iPhone 6 for his wife, Melania.

The iPhone 6 is sold out, and the iPhone 6 plus is selling out.

Apple is offering the “Apple Watch” for $199.

The accessory is the latest in a long line of fake Apple Watches.

The original Apple Watch was created by Steve Jobs.

It was sold for $349 in 2012, and was discontinued in 2014.