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How to get a Glock 19 pistol and more accessories

A cool new accessory for those who want a little more customization is the Glock 19.

This new pistol from German company G&P has a wide range of different finishes including wood and aluminum, and even comes with a holster and trigger guard.

While some accessories can be purchased separately, it is often worth adding them all up.

G&G is also offering a limited edition version of the Glock which will be available for purchase in December.

You can check out our video below for a look at the gun.

The Glock 19 comes in five colors: blue, gray, red, white, and black.

This is the first of many products from G&S to feature this color palette.

You’ll also find a few other great items available.

The pistol is available at several stores including Walgreens, Best Buy, Best Buys, and Best Buy Plus.

Check out the videos below to see some of the coolest gadgets you can get a hold of this Christmas.