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Joia accessories on sale

Joia Accessories has announced a new range of kitchenaids for sale on its website, including the Joia S5 Smart Kitchenaid.

The Joia Smart KitchenAid will retail for €49.99, which is just over half of its €69.99 retail price.

The S5 will retail at €49,99.

Joia has also released a new collection of kitchenware accessories, which will be available exclusively through its online store.

The first Joia accessory, the Joica S5, features a built-in microfiber cup, a ceramic water bottle, a glass bowl, and a metal spoon.

The kitchenaid also features a stainless steel countertop, a silver plated water bottle holder, and an acrylic counter top.

The second Joica accessory, The Joica M5, also features an acrylic glass bowl and a stainless stainless steel stem.

Both the M5 and the S5 have a ceramic countertop.

Joica also announced that it is launching a new line of kitchenwares with a more stylish look.

The new range will be released in February, which means that Joia will be adding a new, more premium range of accessories to its existing range of appliances.