Online Store Shop New Blackstone Griddle accessories could be in your future, according to an insider

New Blackstone Griddle accessories could be in your future, according to an insider

Blackstone has begun discussions with a variety of suppliers on how to expand the Blackstone Grill and Griddle brand across the industry, including some that have been previously owned by Blackstone, according the Wall Street Journal. 

The Journal reported on Tuesday that Blackstone is in talks with two of its suppliers on whether they would be interested in supplying accessories to Blackstone products.

The Journal did not specify which supplier the two were talking to, but sources told the newspaper that the company has made inroads in recent months with suppliers who have previously been part of Blackstone’s acquisition of Griddle. 

As part of the deals announced earlier this month, Blackstone acquired Griddle from its parent company, the American Griddle Group. 

Blackstone also has been expanding its own line of accessories, including accessories for the Ford Focus and Cadillac ATS, according reports. 

In January, the Journal reported that the conglomerate is exploring whether to acquire more of the market for its own products, including a line of stainless steel knives and other items.

The Journal said that in addition to Blackstones potential acquisition of other accessories, the company is also working on a deal to sell a number of its products to other brands, including the Ford Fiesta and Jeep Grand Cherokee.

The article did not name any of the other companies that Blacksmith is considering. 

“We are exploring options with multiple suppliers on the accessory market for future Blackstone product lines,” a Blackstone spokesman told the Journal.

“We expect to be able to share that information with partners in the next few weeks.”

As with any acquisition, the news is subject to regulatory approval.