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How a green egg turned into a new smartphone

Posted October 10, 2018 12:13:22The blue egg is a key element in the iPhone 7, which is designed to replace the previous iPhone 6s, but its new appearance means it’s also part of the next iPhone.

The blue eggs were introduced as a way to make sure that new iPhones will have a similar design as their predecessors.

In a statement Apple said, “These eggs are just a small part of a much larger design that includes an array of premium materials and an advanced manufacturing process that yields a high-quality product.”

The eggs were created by a Chinese company called ZTE, which has a manufacturing facility in Taiwan, according to the New York Times.

ZTE manufactures many of the materials that make up iPhones, including the aluminum casing.

The eggs are not sold in the United States.

But they are sold in China.

Apple and ZTE are known for making high-end smartphones.

The new iPhones come in three colors, and each one comes with a special iPhone case, a stylus, and a battery.