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Why Blackstone wants to build the world’s first 100% autonomous electric car

The automotive giant has announced that it’s working on a car that can drive itself on its own without the need for human drivers.

Blackstone CEO Jeff Immelt said during a recent investor call that the company will build a 100% self-driving car for the public to test in 2020.

The company said it’s building the car as part of its “100% Self-Driving Project” and that the car will be powered by a fleet of autonomous vehicles.

The 100% Self Driving Project will test whether self-Drivers can safely navigate a congested urban area, travel to their destination, and avoid accidents, according to the announcement.

The vehicle will be built using the company’s latest self-propelled, self-charging, autonomous vehicle platform, the Blackstone CEO said.

The Blackstone team has been working on the project since the company bought Blackstone for $3.9 billion in 2017.

The company has also announced plans to create a “100%” self-storage facility that will allow its cars to be stored in the most convenient location possible, including warehouses, public transportation, or a self-parking space.

Blackstones plans to build a self driving car for public testing at its 100% facility in 2020, according a company release.

The 100% car will not be capable of driving itself, but will be able to navigate a variety of scenarios and make smart decisions about where to park and how to respond to other vehicles.

The car will also be able move quickly between the vehicle’s autonomous locations.

The Blackstone 100% vehicle will have two electric motors and a lithium-ion battery, as well as an autopilot system that will “automatically and autonomously detect and react to vehicle movement and conditions,” the company said.

Blackston is also testing a new kind of battery for its 100%, self-contained car, which will be a solid-state battery that is composed of multiple layers of carbon fiber, it said.

That new battery, Blackstone said, will be “an improvement over conventional batteries that require a heavy load of energy to operate.”

Blackstone has been pushing for self-drive vehicles for years.

The automaker last year announced plans for a self drive system that could make it easier to commute to work, and the company has been testing a self propelled, self driving vehicle for the U.S. market since the end of 2020.