Online Store Shop When you are in need of cute desk chairs, Toyota has your back

When you are in need of cute desk chairs, Toyota has your back

The latest Japanese toy manufacturer is getting a lot of attention for its new adorable desk accessories.

But the company isn’t all smiles.

In fact, it is under fire for selling some products that are blatantly discriminatory towards women.

Read moreRead moreToyota has teamed up with a US non-profit group to create an online store that will help people get the most out of their beloved vehicles.

The website will be run by the Toyota Consumer Care Foundation, which is made up of Toyota and Nissan executives, including President Dan Akerson.

In a statement to the BBC, Toyota said it would make its own chairs available at its stores, and would be “working with the US Department of Education, the National Fair Housing Council and the National Coalition for Women to help address gender-based issues”.

However, the statement did not specify the gender-neutral furniture being offered.

It said it had also set up a hotline for people to call if they needed to talk to a customer service representative.

Toyota said the line-up of the new line of furniture was inspired by the iconic US company’s line of toys, which include Barbie dolls and Barbie cars.

“The world is changing and it’s important to take action now to make sure our children and our future generations have the best possible life chances,” Toyota said in a statement.

“For many people, it can feel like they have no place to go.

That’s why we’re partnering with the Toyota Community Foundation to create a new online store to offer affordable, quality products and services for women who have to look after the children, such as mothers, grandmothers, teachers and other caregivers.”

Toyota also launched a new app for its cars called “Toyota Cars for Families”, which allows families to get a peek at their cars through the app, including details on what’s included in the car.

A spokesperson for Toyota said the company had made some changes to the furniture that will be available at the new store, which they said was a response to the recent election and to help women.

Toyotas “new line of accessories is a great way to provide more value for our customers who may have to shop at a dealership, but are not sure how to buy it themselves,” the spokesperson said.

“We’re encouraging women to use the new platform to shop with confidence.”

Toyotans new line will be limited to a “limited quantity” of 50,000 items and “will only be available in select stores” to help people find the right products for them, the spokesperson added.

The company has previously acknowledged that its new line would be limited, but said it was working to increase the number of items in the range.

The campaign, however, has been criticised by the US-based advocacy group Women Advocating for Fairness, which said the new products were discriminatory.

“Toyota’s move is a clear example of how corporate giants are trying to divide us,” said Katherine Smith, the executive director of Women Advancing for Fairnesses.

“It’s not about being ‘for women’ but ‘against women’ and it reflects a deep-seated and harmful bias against women in the United States.”

The campaign said the campaign’s focus on the toys, not the products, was a “false equivalence” and accused Toyota of being “hostile towards women”.

“We will continue to raise our voices about the mistreatment of women at Toyota and we will continue our efforts to hold Toyota accountable for its actions,” Smith said.