Online Store Shop How the world of kamados came to be in the world’s most expensive shoes

How the world of kamados came to be in the world’s most expensive shoes

This is the story of how a pair of $600,000 gold-rimmed gold-looped shoes came to become one of the most expensive items in the retail world.

In a series of videos, the designers describe the process behind creating their most expensive item, and how it was done.

They also discuss the history of karakia and its origin.

Read moreIn 2017, designer and fashion entrepreneur Kamadojo Efren Efresi and his partner Jurgen Rheingold, who had worked together on fashion design projects before, were looking for an inexpensive pair of shoes that could be worn at a party.

The pair they were looking at were the classic karakados, a gold-plated shoe that had been worn for centuries and that had a very similar design to the traditional sandals.

They saw the shoes as a great alternative to the classic sandals, which had been designed to be worn with shoes of varying lengths, and they were ready to make the shoes the most high-end footwear on the market.

Efresin and Rhelingold took the idea to designer and entrepreneur Kamador Gogol, who is also a fashion entrepreneur and designer of footwear.

They were looking to make their shoes look as exotic as possible.

And, they thought, why not have a shoe that would be a little bit more exotic than what the sandals could be?

So, they made the shoes in karamado, or gold-karakia, the process that makes these shoes so expensive.

They made these shoes by hand, but then, they put the gold into a special machine called a diamond-cutter.

The machine cut the diamond-shaped diamond, which would give the shoes their unique design, into about six to eight pieces.

Then, the shoe was sanded and sanded again.

They did the same process again, and then they had another layer of sand, which gave the shoe its more traditional shape.

Finally, they sanded the shoes to a mirror finish.

They did that until they got this amazing result: This shoe was made of about 5,000 diamonds, and each diamond is exactly the size of the entire shoe, the designer said.

This was the first karamadera shoes ever made, according to Kamador.

They took the gold-gold sandal and put it on top of the diamond sandal, and the diamonds were then polished off the top.

They then sanded them in a machine that made a diamond blade, which they used to cut the gold and give the diamonds their diamond look.

That diamond blade gave the shoes that signature look, Kamador said.

They put the shoes on the shelf in the shop, and people would come in to buy them.

That was when they realized they could make these shoes in a way that would have a very high value for the people who are going to wear them, so they decided to do that.

They have sold 1.5 million pairs of the shoes.

Kamador says that this is a process that has been going on since the beginning of history.

People have been wearing these shoes since ancient times, and that has led to this evolution, and it has made these two very special shoes for the wearer.

But, Kamado said, it’s a very specific process, and you have to understand the process in order to really understand how they work.

When you look at the karamadas, you see how they are made, and now, you know why they are so expensive, Kamader said.

If you look into the history, the karadeks were made as a tool, and this is how you know the process, Kamados said.

It takes a lot of work, but it’s not an easy process.

You have to know the steps and know what you are doing.

It is an artisan process, but the work is very labor intensive.

You need to know how to work the machine and how to make things, so you have the tools and the equipment to do it, Kamades said.

You have to learn about the processes of making diamonds, he said.

You can’t just go to the machine, you have a lot to learn, Kamados said.

It takes a certain amount of knowledge, but also patience.

You need to understand how the machine works and how the diamonds are polished off.

It’s not just sanding and polishing.

You also have to keep the machine clean and always keep a little of the diamonds to keep them from breaking.

It has to be cleaned after every use.

If the diamonds come out dirty, you can just rub them on the floor to keep it clean.

It needs to be polished to the exact shade of brown you want.

Then, it needs to get sanded so that it looks as if it was just washed, Kamads said.

In order to have a karamadek, you need to get