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What are the best PS4 accessories for gamers?

By JOSEPH BOUGHTENSTEIN and ANTHONY RICHARDSON”I’ve been buying games for quite a while now, and I’m not sure what the best accessory is for me, and it is usually a PS4 controller,” said Richard Hynes, 29, a freelance graphic designer from North Carolina.

“I think I’ve just got to use a pair of headphones, because I can’t listen to music in games and the sound of a headset is very distracting.”

Hynes is a fan of the PlayStation 3 and has used it since the early days of gaming.

He says he has enjoyed a long and rewarding gaming career, but has come to the conclusion that PS4s are not the right platform for his needs.

“If I want to use headphones and I can use a headset and play my games without them, then I would just use the PS3, but for gaming I would probably go for the Xbox One or PC,” he said.

“The thing about gaming is that it’s really good for your brain, but the PS4’s processing power just doesn’t match the Xbox 360’s or PS3’s.”

So, what are the accessories that gamers should buy?

The PlayStation 4 controllers, like the Xbox Ones and PS3s, have a very different feel to them.

They’re not as responsive as the ones you might find on the Wii U, but they’re much more versatile.

The PS4 controllers have an angled face to the controller, giving the user more room to work with the screen.

They also have an optional trigger that sits near the tip of the controller and is much more ergonomic than a traditional analog stick.

The controller has a USB Type-C port that allows for charging the controller.

It has two inputs and an audio jack, but only one headphone jack.

The Xbox One controllers have a more traditional controller, which is good for people who prefer the traditional analog sticks, or who like to use the Xbox controller with a mouse and keyboard.

However, the Xbox controllers are less comfortable to hold, and the button-mapping on the PS1 controllers makes them more difficult to control.

You can buy a controller for as little as £69 from the PlayStation Store or a bundle for £299, but if you want to buy the best ones for the best gaming experience, you can find them on Amazon or GameStop for £249.

The accessories available for the PS Vita are generally better, but are generally more expensive.

You can buy the PlayStation Vita for £89, PlayStation Camera for £29.99, PlayStation Wireless Controller for £49.99 and PlayStation Wireless Mouse for £34.99.

The PlayStation Camera accessory is a smartwatch-like accessory that works with the PlayStation Camera, which has a camera on it, and is a great addition to the PlayStation family of devices.

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