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Why the new Mercedes Benz SUV is the best car in the world

More than 500 million cars worldwide have been sold in the last 30 years.

The most popular models have been the Mercedes-Benz E-Class, the Porsche 911, the Lexus ES350 and the Audi A8.

In the last decade, however, the most popular SUV in the U.S. has been the Toyota Corolla.

It’s the best-selling car in America, but it’s been the subject of a series of scathing reviews and a public backlash from critics.

So why?

The Toyota Corollas, it turns out, are the most expensive cars in the country, and they’re so expensive they’re considered to be the most undervalued vehicles.

The question is, what is the truth about this?

In the wake of these complaints, Toyota has responded to the public with a series, an in-depth investigation into the company’s vehicles.

Toyota is calling this a full-on investigation.

But is this an investigation?

What is the investigation?

Are they actually looking into how much money is being made from each of these models?

Or is this just another publicity stunt?

To find out, Recode interviewed three Toyota insiders about the Corolla, its production and how the company is selling itself.

Recode: Can you tell us about the Toyota investigation?

When you look at the market, the Corollans are the hottest, and the price tag is right in the middle.

There are very few cars that can be called the top-selling vehicle in the US in a very short time period, and in a segment where the competition is very, very competitive.

The Corolla is just so compelling, so appealing.

You know, it’s so much fun.

The interior is so comfortable, and there are so many features you can’t find in other vehicles.

But you know what?

People want a fun car.

They want a car that’s not going to break the bank.

You have to be able to have fun and to have a good time.

Recoding: Why are they selling so many Corolla SUVs?

When we first saw the Coronas in our own review in February, we were pretty surprised.

There were about 400 Corollascas on the market at the time, and that’s when we started to realize that they were really, really good.

I mean, they were actually pretty darn good.

We didn’t know if they were going to be worth more than $50,000.

The company says the average price for a Corolla in the United States is $45,000, and it’s pretty comparable to the other cars.

So when you compare the price, it makes sense.

We were very happy with the Coronda and really excited about them.

But the Corondas are really the most affordable car in that segment, right?

They’re the most cost-effective cars in that market, right, and you can get one for $40,000 right now.

So the question is: Is it really that hard to buy the cheapest model?

Recoding’s Brian Wieser: You’re talking about, like, a car at this price range, where the Coronelas are the cheapest?

That’s pretty crazy.

We think that’s a big deal.

Toyota did this to get some eyeballs.

The average sticker price for an SUV is around $30,000 or $35,000 depending on the model.

So if you’re looking at a new Corolla at that price, that’s $45k.

But that doesn’t include the cost of the interior.

The sticker price of an SUV isn’t just for the engine.

It also includes the paint.

It includes the grille, the hood, the seats, the taillights, the window frames, the driver’s side air vents, the power windows, the front seats.

So that’s just about every little thing that goes into making the car.

So it makes a lot of sense to sell a cheaper model.

Toyota’s got a ton of money.

We believe that they can sell these cars at a price that would make a lot more sense than if they sold them at the high end.

Recoded’s Brian Wu: And the other thing is that these are really low-mileage vehicles, right.

The EPA estimates the average Corolla’s range to be between 40 and 55 miles, so it’s really a little bit more expensive than most other cars out there.

Recapping the Coronet is just a lot harder than it looks The other thing that makes it hard is the Corona.

That’s the smallest car in this segment, and if you look it up on the EPA’s website, it says that it’s a $15,000 car.

That would make sense to me, but the Coro has a $21,500 sticker price, so that makes sense, too.

Recodes Brian Wyser: And it’s just so incredibly expensive. So we