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How to get your life back: The power of candles

A few years ago, I began to use candles for therapeutic purposes.

I began with a small batch in the kitchen, a few dozen candles in my bedroom, and some incense to help calm my nerves.

But my health started to falter.

I was diagnosed with high blood pressure, heart disease, and multiple sclerosis.

Over time, my symptoms worsened, and I began using more and more of the drugs that were prescribed for my disease.

By late 2014, I had to be hospitalized.

While I recovered, I struggled with the choice between the drugs and the candle.

At the time, the prescription medications I was taking didn’t seem to work very well.

When I took the first dose, I felt like I was having a heart attack.

But I soon noticed a difference.

The pills didn’t work as well as they once did, and they were starting to have side effects.

The prescription pills were making my body go into shock.

I started to realize that maybe there was something more to my symptoms than I was accepting.

I wondered if there was a better way to deal with my condition than pills and incense.

I decided to find a different solution.

The candle.

In January 2017, I took a trip to India to study with a renowned Indian ayurvedic practitioner, a renowned herbalist named Drona Giri.

DronA was in her late 50s and had a long history of helping people with their health problems.

She was also a spiritual healer, an expert on herbs and the environment.

As a healer, she was also fascinated by the relationship between nature and the human body.

In the spring of 2018, we spent about five days in the forest, taking the medicine called MRT, which is a form of ayurvival medicine that uses herbs and roots to treat ailments and diseases.

The medicine has a calming effect on the body, helping the mind and mind-body relationship.

We were told to bring along a small bowl of the medicine and a small bag of herbs that we had brought from our travels, and to take it with us to India.

As we walked along the river bank, Dron and I walked side by side, looking for plants and looking for the source of the herbs that were used in our medicine.

As soon as we reached the end of the path, I noticed something unusual: the plants were not sitting on the ground, but were growing on the banks of the river.

As I looked, I realized that these plants had been there since long before the cave was built.

They were on the bank and in the trees.

I realized the plants had a history, too.

The ancient trees, the moss, the wildflowers, and the herbs were all there.

The only difference was that these ancient plants were all in the middle of the cave, on the riverbank.

I felt the presence of these ancient herbs, but also that the presence was also present in the cave itself.

The herbs had been brought there by the cave’s inhabitants, who have been practicing their ancient medicine for centuries.

In India, Ayurveda is a system of medical science and herbalism based on the philosophy of Ayurvastra, or the science of life and death.

Ayurveys are the spiritual teachers of the world.

They practice their medicine to bring good health to the world, to heal those who are ill, and help people to overcome their ailments.

This is how Ayurvaism relates to medicine.

I had been doing ayurvaastra for a long time.

But this was the first time I had met a group of Ayurs that practiced medicine in their own homes.

They practiced medicine and they had lived for thousands of years.

I walked through the forest and I saw the plants.

It felt like a part of my body.

I knew that the plants belonged to me.

I could smell them, and it felt like they were there.

I opened my mouth and started to speak.

Drora’s name was written on the back of the small bowl I brought with me.

She explained to me that we were taking MRT.

We had taken the medicine, and now we were coming back to the cave and bringing it with them.

It was very strange, because MRT is supposed to help us to control our breathing.

But it seemed to work better with my breath.

I kept my mouth shut and listened to the herbs and herbs and medicines, but it seemed like the herbs weren’t doing anything.

They didn’t do anything for me.

My body just started to go into a frenzy.

I looked around, and there were only two people standing there: the man and the woman.

The man was sitting in the center of the room, looking down at me.

The woman was in the front of the space, on a small table with a candle, but her face was hidden by a hood that had been put over her eyes.

The Man sat down on the