Online Store Shop ‘Turbulent’ as boat launches sailboat from UAE

‘Turbulent’ as boat launches sailboat from UAE

Dubai: The UAE has launched a new type of boat that can cruise in the Arabian Gulf at speeds of up to 12 knots (18 mph) and has also unveiled its first sailboat.

The Dubai Boat, which is based in the UAE, is designed to be a “turbulent” alternative to traditional boats that are “heavy and cumbersome” and are designed to avoid the problems caused by seawater.

The UAE government says the boat will be “faster, quieter, cheaper and more versatile”.

The Dubai government says its new model is “the first in the world to offer safe and efficient sea sailing”.

It will be powered by a battery-powered propeller.

Dubai Boat Dubai launched the Dubai Boat on the opening day of the Gulf Economic Forum in Dubai on Thursday, bringing the total number of sailing boats to 14.

“The UAE will be the first to introduce a high-performance, high-efficiency sailboat,” the UAE’s Minister of State for Shipping, Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, said.

The ministry also said the UAE had set an international speed record of 15 knots (21 mph) during a sailing event in August.

The world’s largest cruise ship, the Costa Concordia, is powered by two diesel engines and has been sailing in the Mediterranean since June.