Online Store DELIVERY Glock to get a new design for 2017

Glock to get a new design for 2017

Traeger accessories are getting a new look.

The company is releasing a new version of its line of pistols for 2017, which comes in three models: the GLOCK 17, the GLock 18, and the GLOKE.

All three pistols are based on the same 9mm-caliber pistol design, and they all come with a trigger guard that lets you adjust the trigger pull in the middle of the slide.

The model that ships with the new GLOke features a slide release that lets the slide go out when you need it, and a front grip with an ambidextrous safety feature that can be activated by touching the safety button.

The Glock 17 model is available for $1,199 and the Glock 18 for $2,999.

All models come with an eight-year limited warranty and a lifetime warranty.

Traeger also released a GLOock pistol with a redesigned slide release.

It also comes in four models: Traeger Glock 17, Traeger Glock 18 and Traeger GLOoke.

The new GLoock pistols are $2.99 each and come in three finishes: stainless steel, steel, and titanium.

Traegers GLOocks come in black and red finishes.

Trager also announced a new Gloock holster for the GLG-16 model.

The Gloocks come with two different holsters: a black and white version that offers a comfortable grip, and one that offers an aggressive look with a darker shade of blue.