Online Store DELIVERY How To Get A Glock 9mm For $400 on Amazon [Buzzfeed]

How To Get A Glock 9mm For $400 on Amazon [Buzzfeed]

It looks like the Glock 9mm isn’t the only gun in the family that you can buy on Amazon.

A number of different guns are available for under $400, with the notable exception of the 9mm.

The 9mm is a great entry-level option, but if you want something better for a little more cash, check out the Ruger SR9.

The SR9 is a little bit of a hybrid of the Glock and 9mm, but it also includes a longer barrel and a bigger, heavier magazine.

If you want to keep the price low, the Rugers SR9 offers a cheaper price, but you will be paying for the bigger barrel, and the larger magazine. Read more